Travel Zones & Fares

Newport Bus' zone system is really easy to understand. If you’re traveling in ZONE 1, then you only pay the relevant fare in Table 1 below. If you want to travel in both ZONES 1 & 2, or from one zone to another, then you’ll pay the relevant fare in Table 2 below. Our ZONE 3 covers South East Monmouthshire, and Table 3 refers to the relevant fares. Please view our Route Map PDFs on the Bus Routes page for downloadable routes/timetables and fare charts covering Services 60, 63, 73 & 74 accordingly. 

Newport Bus operates cash-only exact fare (no change provided), mobile tickets on Newport Bus app and contactless via bank card payment on all our buses. This ensures a quicker boarding time and the safety of our drivers and passengers. For further information on the Newport Bus app for regular and occasional users click here - for Information on contactless payment, view the FAQs.


Note: fares for the Traws Hafren Chesptow to Bristol City are available here

How does the ZONES system work? 

If you’re traveling in ZONE 1 only, you pay the relevant fare as shown in column Zone 1 in the above table. If you want to travel in Zone 2, or between both Zones 1 & 2, you pay the relevant fare in column Zone 2 in the above table.

What tickets will I need to ask for in each ZONE?

A day ticket for Zone 1 is also called aCity Day ticket, which gives you unlimited access to services within that Zone. A day ticket for both Zones1 & 2 is also called a City Day Plus ticket, which gives you unlimited access to all buses in both Zones.

What if I’m purchasing a ticket with a BAMBOO smartcard?

For paper Day Tickets using a Bamboo card, simply ask for a BAMBOO Single or a BAMBOO 'Daily Network Rider' paper ticket. If you require a Weekly, Monthly or Annual BAMBOO pass, one fare covers both ZONES 1 and 2. Anyone under the age of 16 can apply for a BAMBOO smartcard online, or at the Travel Centre at Newport Bus Station, Friars Walk.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 21, you can still benefit from discounted youth fares if you are in possession of a Newport Bus Youth Passport Card or a Welsh Government MyTravelPass. For more information on how the card works and how to apply for the card, please visit the Youth Passport page HERE

Other Ticket Schemes

Daily and Weekly Network Rider scheme

If you require to travel on a number of different operators services, in South East Wales, Newport Bus is part of the Daily and Weekly Network Rider scheme. For more information about the scheme including fares and other participants, please visit our Network Rider Page. 


Tickets available for the Traws Hafren service Chepstow to Bristol City are available on board or via the Traws Cymru app. More information can be found here.


PLUSBUS is a bus pass that you buy with your train ticket at any National Rail station ticket office, or online. It can also be bought from self-service machines at selected stations. PLUSBUS gives you unlimited bus and tram travel (on most or all services) around the whole urban area of the rail-served town or city. There are no peak period restrictions, so you can hop-on and hop-off buses and trams as much as you like all day. For more information please visit the PLUSBUS Newport page.

We are also a member of the MyTravelPass Scheme. This is a scheme for 16 to 21-year-olds that gives cardholders at least a 1/3 discount on the equivalent full adult fare you would have been charged for tickets purchased onboard the bus. For more information about the scheme and to apply for your card please visit the MyTravelPass Website

General information

Please note - you cannot currently use a BAMBOO, PASSPORT or PASSPORT PLUS smartcard in ZONE 3 - you must purchase a paper ticket. The Daily Network Rider and MonWeek paper tickets can be used across ZONES 1, 2 & 3. Please retain you ticket for further use.