Your Safety


To ensure the safety of our passengers is never compromised - A high proportion of our buses are fitted with CCTV cameras and recording equipment , a major tool in preventing and detecting crime. Thankfully, incidents of crime are very rare due to initiatives such as CCTV. 

Also, all of our vehicles are installed with a telematics system that monitors driver road craft and passenger comfort, and of course all our driving and supervisor staff are provided with First Aid training as part of their ongoing development.


The majority of our services to and from the City Centre, operate until midnight, meaning there's always a safe and convenient way of getting home after an evening out with friends and family. We also operate a strict policy of not allowing passengers to drink alcohol on our buses, helping to eradicate any anti-social behaviour.

What does this mean for you? Well quite simply, our proactive and professional approach to passenger safety, allows you to travel in peace and comfort, on time, every time. Happy day's!