From Monday 17th of February 2020, the services 11 A/C, 20A/C, 42/436, X74 and 60 will have revised timetables. Below is a summary of the changes:

NB. Simply click the bold orange link to open the timetable PDF in a new tab.

Route 11 Allt-Yr-Yn - Brynglas: The hourly services change from quarter past the hour to quarter to the hour from 9:00 till 17:00. The 8:15 service remains.
Routes 20A/C Spytty Retails Park via Christchurch: Timetable adjustments of a few minutes at stops starting from Spytty Retail Park.
Routes 42/43 Spytty Retail Park via Moorland Park / Nash College: Timetable adjustments at the stops around Spytty Retail Park and Moorland Park towards bus station.
Route X74 Chepstow via Magor and Caldicot: New stop at 7:30 Glan Llyn estate for the 7:15 service to Chepstow. Timetable adjustments at the stops from Spytty Retail Park.
Route 60 Monmouth via Caerleon, Usk and Raglan: New 14:05 service to Monmouth. The 16:05 service is now a regular service. Timetable adjustments of a few minutes from the Usk stops towards Newport.

For further information please call our Travel Centre on 01633 263 600 Monday to Friday 7:00 till 18:30 - Saturday 9:00 till 16:00