Your Bus Service



At Newport Bus we invest nearly £1m every year in new vehicles so that you are able to travel in comfort aboard clean and modern-looking buses.

The majority of our vehicles are less than five years old and have low-level access for disabled customers as well as CCTV. All feature designated areas for disabled passengers and those with special needs.

Every morning before going into service our buses are washed and cleaned and checked thoroughly to make sure they meet the high standards we set for you. We believe it is important that all your journeys with us are pleasant and enjoyable. That is why we have a number of simple rules we ask customers to follow when travelling aboard our buses to ensure that everyone's passenger experience is a positive and happy one.

When travelling with Newport Bus please remember the following:

  • Consider fellow passengers and keep noise levels down i.e. mobile phones and personal music players.
  • Do not put your feet up on seats - others have to sit on them.
  • Any substances that are deemed to be hazardous or flammable or that could cause damage to one of our buses such as petrol, paint or car batteries are not allowed on board.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on any of our vehicles (including ecigarettes).